Easing the Burden of Tuition

There are so many amazing groups to be apart of on campus!  Here is a list of some things I recommend all students check out at some point in their college career (in no particular order)!

1. Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL)

Being apart of a fraternity or a sorority is a great way to meet so many people on campus.  For me personally, I did not only become close with women in my chapter, but I got to know so many individuals in the entire FSL community!

2. Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA is a great way to have a leadership position on campus.  If you are passionate about DePaul and improving the lives of students here, I definitely recommend running for a position!  

3. DePaul Activities Board (DAB)

DAB puts on countless events each year for students.  One of their biggest events of the year is Fest, which is a concert on the DePaul quad.  Last year the opening act was 30H3! and the headliner was Lil Yachty!

4. Radio DePaul 

Interested in music or the news? Radio DePaul has countless opportunities for students to have their own radio show, news segment, and more! 

5. A club that goes with your major

For me, this is anything having to do with communication!  I am majoring in Public Relations and Advertising and there is a club for each of those on campus.  There are also a ton of clubs for every other major offered on campus as well.

6. A political organization

Do you have a cause that your passionate about? Well, you’re in luck!  At DePaul there are numerous clubs for social causes as well as DePaul Democrats and DePaul Republicans.  The social cause clubs include topics such as prison reformation, the war on drugs, women’s rights, and more!

7. A religious organization

While DePaul is a Catholic institution, there are students from numerous religious backgrounds.  DePaul offers many spaces for students to express their religious beliefs and also has numerous religious clubs.  

8. An a cappella group

There are numerous a cappella groups on campus that are all incredibly talented.  If you are interested in singing, I definitely recommend you check all of the groups out! 

9. Service Immersion

Service Immersion Trips are the perfect combination of traveling and serving.  I have had the opportunity to go on three trips throughout my time here at DePaul and each one was so amazing and educational.  

10. Study abroad 

DePaul offers countless study abroad opportunities.  If you do not want to be away from DePaul for a whole quarter or two, they also offer short term study abroad programs during the winter and summer break!

– Sydney Snell