Virtual Classes: Tips and Tricks

Classes have always been tough on students, but this year is a little different. Here are a few tips to help out:

1. Prioritize – with hours at home and nowhere to go, you’re going to feel like you have a lot of time on your hands and the world doesn’t move at all. Try and take the time to get your work plan down for the week and stick to it.

2. Separate Work and Play – set time aside for yourself as well. Not everything is school, but also not everything is fun. Find a nice balance of each.

3. Remove Distractions – while working, try and make sure you’re in a good environment to learn and be productive.

4. Communicate – if you don’t understand something, reach out to your teachers or piers even if it feels odd.

5. Upgrade Your Set-Up – invest in some good equipment. You don’t need the best of the best, but make sure you’ve got what you need to succeed. Make sure your computer is up to the task of being running all day long and maybe even buy a monitor.

6. Understand the Classroom – one of the most important things is to know where things are. Each class is set up differently, make sure you know where to find and submit everything you need.

7. Stay Active – keep your energy and activity up. Sitting around all day and really kill your mood to work. Try and find something to keep your energy up to power through all your essays.

8. Good Breakfast – even if you just have a yogurt in the morning, something to get you through the morning Zoom classes will help you throughout the day to get through the rest. 

9. Stay Connected with Classmates – try and keep in contact with a few friends from classes whenever you can. 

10. Make the Most Out of it – it’s not anything anyone expected, but try and make the most of what you’ve got. It won’t last forever, so try and enjoy the good parts of being stuck at home for school.