Travel Around Chicago


Chicago has arguably one of the best transportation systems in the United States. The CTA, Chicago Transit Authority, allows for thousands of patrons a day to travel around the city easily by bus or train. The map details the transit system in Chicago. With over 10,000 bus stops and 145 train stops, patrons of the CTA can explore neighborhoods like Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, Uptown, and more! For DePaul students, the two most popular train lines are the Red Line or the Brown Line which helps them travel to and from classes.

 Ventra Passes 

 The Ventra Pass is the pass people use to pay for their fare when traveling by   bus or by train. You can buy a reusable Ventra Card and frequently reload it   with money or buy single-use passes if only taking a bus or train once. The   train fare is $2.50 per ride and bus fares are $2.25 per ride. Depaul students   are given a Ventra U-Pass that provides students with unlimited rides on the CTA buses or trains during Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer Quarter. 

Traveling Between Campuses 

The unique opportunity students have by going to DePaul is being able to take classes between our two campuses, Lincoln Park and the Loop Campus. The Lincoln Part Campus is north of downtown Chicago and has a more traditional feel for a university campus. The Loop campus is in the heart of downtown Chicago where students are blocks away from Lake Michigan, Navy Pair, the Michigan Mile, and more! For students traveling to the Lincoln Park Campus, they will get off the Red, Brown, or Purple (only runs during rush hour) train at the Fullerton Station Stop. The Lincoln Park Campus is one block left of the station. For students traveling to the Loop Campus, they have two options: the Red Line, which is underground and takes about 15 minutes to get downtown, or the Brown Line, which is above ground and takes about 25 minutes to get downtown.

 From the Red Line, students will want to get off at the Jackson Stop and walk up   the stairs to see the College of Communication to their left and the DePaul   Center straight ahead. When traveling on the Brown Line, depending on which   building a student is going to, they have one of two options: the Harold   Washington Library Stop where the DePaul Center and the College of Communications are right across the street or the Adams & Wabash stop which is a block away from the College of Computing and Digital Media.

– Nicole Wood