Adjusting to the Commuter Life

Going into DePaul, I truly didn’t know what to expect. For one, I’m a commuter student. My first month at DePaul has been exciting and simultaneously pretty calm. I have developed a consistent schedule to balance my school and work life, and so far it has been pretty effective. I’m from Chicago, specifically the neighborhood of Albany Park, so I haven’t had to adjust much on that front. It is fun to see the city I grew up in from a different perspective, as Lincoln Park and Albany Park contrast greatly. In juggling work and school, a basic commute can sometimes feel like hours. It certainly makes you consider all of the things you could be doing instead of sitting in the car, but nonetheless I am just grateful for the opportunity to be doing what I am doing.  I enjoy the breakdown and schedule of my four classes, and although it’s hard work, it’s manageable when you put in adequate effort.

~ Marcela