Top Ten Traditions at DePaul


FEST is what every DePaul student waits for when the end of the Spring Quarter Rolls around! FEST is a student-run music event that happens at the end of May in the center of the Lincoln Park Campus Quad. The event is hosted by the DePaul Activities Board (DAB), and features artists from the Depaul Student Body and popular artists in the music industry. Past performers include Common, Portugal. The Man, Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, and more! With tickets being $10.00, this is a great opportunity for students who want to destress before finals and listen to some great music! 

 2.Premiere DePaul

 One of the first opportunities for incoming freshmen to mingle with their fellow   classmates is Premiere DePaul. This is the orientation program where incoming   freshmen are grouped together with other freshmen within their major and will   spend about two days getting to know each other. Students will be able to experience what it is like to live in the dorms, what the cafeteria has to offer, the amenities Depaul offers like the Ray, the Student Center, and the Library. 

3. New Student Service Day

Right before fall quarter classes begin, every student who participates in Discover Chicago is required to participate in New Student Service Day. This is an opportunity for new students to volunteer their time with their Discover Class and participate in work/events related to their Discover Chicago Topic. For example, my Discover Chicago class was focused on Improv in the City, so as a class, we spent time with kids teaching them improv games and playing with them for the day. 


DemonTHON is a fundraising event that is a year-long effort that benefits the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. This event happens towards the end of the Spring Quarter with the “Big Event,” which is a 24-hour dance marathon. My involvement in the past has been a part of the Tech Team that filmed and put together clips highlighting some of the best moments from the Big Event. 

5.Alumni and Family Weekend 

During the Fall Quarter, a phenomenal opportunity to show off the DePaul campus and what the university has to offer is Alumni and Family Weekend. This university-wide event is when parents and other family members are invited to participate in campus events so see what kind of experience their student has had so far. With being an out-of-state student, these weekends are where I can show off the university to my mom. These events help parents know their child is thriving and having the time of their lives at the university on and off-campus. 

6.Chicago Quarter – Discover or Explore Chicago

The Chicago Quarter is a part of the First-Year Program where incoming freshmen can choose a class that explores a specific part of Chicago that makes the city unique. In my experience, I choose the Discover Chicago route with the class focusing on the improv scene around the city. Going to DePaul a week before the upperclassmen helped with getting acclimated with the new environment and helped get to know where to go and how to get there without any big crowds. 

7.Midnight Breakfast 

Finals week can be a difficult time. Having to write essays, film videos, complete labs, finish art projects, whatever it may be, it is stressful. During fall quarter finals, Midnight Breakfast happens in the Student Center where students are served breakfast at night. During study breaks, I have gotten that boost of energy with the breakfast served in the student center and pushed along to finish my finals. I’ve taken advantage of most events with free food and this being one of them is always something I look forward to. 

 8. Vincentian Service Day 

 During spring quarter, Vincentian Service Day is when students, faculty, and   staff coordinate opportunities to volunteer their time to help someone or   something in the community. More than 1,000 DePaul volunteers participate   in service all across the Chicagoland area. My fraternity, Delta Kappa Alpha   has participated in road side clean-ups and comedy shows where the tickets sold and the baked goods sold go towards underprivileged communities in the area. 

9.Welcome Week 

During the first week of classes, Welcome Week offers numerous amounts of opportunities for students to eat plenty of food from restaurants around the city, see what clubs and organizations are available at the university, and see what is happening around the school. The Involvement Fair lets students see what clubs and organizations are offered plus this is where students can get free shirts, water bottles, food, candy, and more! Taste of DePaul is one of my favorite events as you get free food and you can find some of your potential favorite food spots that are local. 

 10.Blue Demon Welcome 

 Students can see what Wintrust Arena is like with the Blue Demon Welcome.   At the arena, we celebrate the beginning of the DePaul journey for all the new   undergrad students. At the Welcome, the newest members of the Depaul   community are presented with the principles of learning, service, and justice DePaul values. With these events, sometimes performers are scheduled to show off their skills and give the new student body a show. Acts like The Blue Man Group have performed for all it’s undergrad students in the past. 

– Nicole Wood