Top 7 Ice Cream Spots in Around DePaul’s Campus

1. Annette’s

Right off the Armitage Brown Line stop is Annette’s, a classic ice cream and Italian ice walk-up spot. They have tons of delicious flavors to choose from; my personal favorite is the mango or lychee shaved ice. They’re cash-only so bring some change, but there’s also an atm right next to the window if you forget!

2. Jeni’s

A classic ice cream chain, Jeni’s is literally a 30-second walk from Annette’s (but there are lots of other locations around the city) and is great if you’re craving a soft, creamy dessert. I think the gooey butter cake flavor is SO good. And don’t forget to show your DePaul ID for a 15% discount!

3. Eiffel Waffle

They have great ice cream options, as well as other desserts. I like to get the Cookie Monster waffle, cookie dough, and ice cream combo!

4. Drip Dessert

Off of the Belmont stop is Drip Dessert and they offer tons of different dessert combos including ice cream, waffles, and churros. One dessert is pretty sweet and decent sized, so I usually like to split it with a friend.

5. Oberweis

The BIGGEST scoops ever. Their ice cream is probably the smoothest I have ever had and they give you a lot, so you really get your money’s worth!

6. Ghirardelli

Coming from the Bay Area, I was so glad to find a Ghirardelli on Michigan Avenue! They have all things chocolate, from ice cream to milkshakes to sundaes and hot chocolate!

7. Amorino

Created by two childhood friends, Amorino is now a chain that offers lots of ice cream and gelato flavors and you can get them paired with a waffle too! It’s just a 5-minute walk from the Loop campus, so it’s a great post-class snack!