Top 5 Student Resources at DePaul 

One thing I love about DePaul’s Campus is that there is two of them, and virtually every service you could need is easily accessible because of it.  Throughout my time here at DePaul, I have many opportunities to take advantage of the different services offered.

1. The Writing Center

Freshman year in my WRD 103 class, we were introduced to the Writing Center and it is one of DePaul’s most helpful resources.  Coming into college, I was so nervous about all the 20 page papers and lengthy reports everyone said we were going to have to do.  I quickly realized that we don’t have to do those alone.  Through the writing center, you can meet with peers that will review your papers with you and give you advice on different ways to structure it, how to make certain parts stronger and more effective, and give you tips for future papers.  There is also an easy online system that you can submit your writing and have it sent back to you with feedback.

2. The Ray Meyer Fitness Center  

I love going to the Ray, and I am really not that big of a gym goer.  Freshman year, I typically just used the cardio equipment as I didn’t really know how to use anything else.  Then one day, I discovered the Ray’s website and they have a ton of information videos on how to use all the different equipment.  The staff there is also incredibly helpful.  The group fitness classes that are offered are spectacular!  I pushed myself to sign up for a cycling class one day and instantly became a weekly regular.  There are a ton of variety of classes to pick from, and every so often they introduce new classes that you have the opportunity to try for free.  I was able to try a silk aerial class and really enjoyed my experience.  I also take part in intramurals that are offered every quarter as it is a great way to meet new people and try a new sport, or keep in touch with one that you did in high school.

3. John T. Richardson (JTR) and Loop Libraries  

I am a frequent flier of both libraries located on campus.  I live off campus near the Lincoln Park campus, but I always find myself gravitating to JTR.  It offers a wide variety of environments that fits all your project needs.  I meet with classmates there to work on group projects, I head to the third floor for a quiet environment, and there are so many computers (MACs and PCs) to work on assignments on a bigger screen.  I have also rented out whole rooms to study with larger groups in private.   

4. Office of Academic Advising Support  

Planning classes in an effective way is one of the best things that students can do for themselves.  I meet with my advisor every quarter.  We review the classes I am currently enrolled in and make future plans to adjust for the goals that I have.  I want to make sure that I am taking the correct credits I need, and am fulfilling all the requirement classes that are prerequisites for future courses.  I can ask questions and get insight into what I need to be doing to be the best student I can!

5. DePaul Art School Facilities

As a digital marketing major, I have free electives that I get to fulfill with subjects that I am interested in.  I chose to take classes that coincide with my interest of photography.  I took a beginning film photography class where I was able to use DePaul’s film darkroom and create analog prints.  This eventually lead to me working at the art school.  I found an open position to be a darkroom monitor on DePaul’s campus job board.  I work with the darkroom and also work in the audio visual department where I get to check out cameras and audio equipment to students to use for their classes. 


Take advantage of DePaul’s resources!