Top 5 Self Care Tips to Refresh after Midterms

Midterms always seem to sneak up on me and before I know it we are already halfway through the quarter. After midterms from tests, projects, and papers, I always feel a little burnt out. I have come up with a couple things to do that help me refresh and finish the quarter strong.

#1. Getting Yourself a Sweet Treat

My favorite thing to do is to treat myself to a little pick-me-up. A special snack or drink that I don’t always get really boosts my mood. My favorite place is a tea shop close to me, but if tea or coffee isn’t your thing ice cream is a close second. 

Sienna a DePaul student smiling and holding an iced drink.

#2. Making Time for a Hobby

A lot of time during the school year and especially during midterms I get so busy I don’t really have time to do any of my hobbies. I enjoy painting so once I get all the tests finished and papers submitted, I try to set an hour or so aside for being creative. I think it is important to make time for your passion whatever it is.

A cardinal with detail drawn in black ink. With pens and eraser next to it.

#3. Going on a Walk

A change of scenery is also a good way to refresh. There are so many places to walk to in Chicago like the zoo or the lakefront. Even just in the neighborhood. Getting out in the sun really helps boost my mood.

Sienna in a blue jacket is in the bottom right corner. A black and white dog walking on a sidewalk.

#4. Reorganizing my Planner

After midterms I like to just look over my calendar and make sure everything is in order. I use my calendar for everything, including to-do lists. I like to cross things off and add dates. This is also the time when I put in finals and due dates of projects to come. I find just organizing my planner is a great way to map out the next couple weeks. 

A blue DePaul University travel mug on a table with a planner open to October next to it with a pink pencil laying on top.

#5. Reading a Book

I know reading is not for everyone, but I love to take some time with a good book. This can be combined with a special treat. Finding a cozy spot, a sweet treat, and a good book is my favorite thing to do to just relax and disconnect for a while.

Sienna with a book in front of her face as she is reading.

I found that these small things help with feeling more energized and refreshed to finish out the quarter.


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