Top 5 Places on Campus in the Loop

The Loop campus includes various buildings which include classrooms, labs, facilities, offices, and much more. It can be hard to find to navigate since there’s so many floors and unique hidden gems. Here’s a list of places you might not know about at the Loop.

1. DePaul Center (1st Floor)

Pinpointed near the Jackson Red Line station, the DePaul Center is the heart of the Loop Campus offering plentiful activities for leisure and academics. The first floor begins with a Barnes and Noble shop and DePaul bookstore which you may purchase merch, books, and a coffee shop serving Starbucks! At the coffee shop there’s an area to study, eat, or lounge in until your next class.

2. DePaul Center (Lower Level)

Below the first floor, there are other opportunities to check out from the Esports Gaming Center to the Jarvis Student Center for Innovation and Collaboration along with various classrooms. Here, you may gather in these innovative spaces with fellow students to relax, socialize, game, and study.

3. DePaul Center (11th Floor)

Located on the top floor of the DePaul Center is the Loop campus cafeteria – Blue Demon Dining Hall, along with offices such as the Office of Veteran Affairs, Student Center, Activities Board, the Commuter Lounge, and University Ministry. Primarily the floor is for students and staff to gather, study, eat, and relax before or after class.

4. CDM Center

Another excellent location for students to take advantage of in the Loop would be the CDM (Computing and Digital Media) Center filled with useful resources such as a Tutoring Center, computer labs, Loop fitness gym, classrooms, and more! This college building provides well-maintained technology for students to use for projects, assignments, and studying allowing for effective and productive work.

5. DePaul Center (10th Floor)

DePaul’s Loop campus library is on the DePaul Center 10th floor allowing students a spot to accomplish any sort of work. With librarians present to provide support, thousands of resources from books to technology, and dozens of study spots sectioned off in regards to noise level, getting schoolwork, projects, and studying done will be smooth and undisturbed.


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