Top 5 Favorite Activities to do During Spring Break in Chicago

Spring time is arguably the best time in Chicago, and as a DePaul student, there is no better time to take advantage of all the activities during spring break. Here is a list of my favorite activities to do during Spring Break!

1. Visiting different parks: Chicago is full of so many hidden parks that are great places to check out as the greenery starts to bloom. My first spring break here in Chicago, I checked out the Garden of the Phoenix that is located behind the Museum of Science and Industry. There is a small Japanese style garden with extra walking paths throughout the area.

2. Exploring new neighborhoods: There are 77 neighbohoods located in Chicago, it’s nearly impossible to see them all when you have a full time schedule of class, homework, work, and other life stuff. Spring break is the perfect opportunity to get out to some of these neighborhoods that you don’t get the chance to visit as often. Going in the spring time also gives you some ideas of places to keep in mind when summer break hits!

3. Seeing a Production: It can be hard to go out at night during the quarter, but as a DePaul student, you have so much access to museums and live performances (at discounted prices of course!)  Get lost in the Art Institute for hours as you admire world class art, all for free with your DePaul ID. The Civic Opera house also has student discount shows available for $15 for students. Always stay up to date with the Demon Discounts webpage for budget friendly activities. See a movie, a concert, or visit an art gallery opening. The options are endless!

4. Get back into hobbies: As a student, free-time seems to disappear. It is difficult to continue things you love doing for fun when you start to get more and more responsibilities. Take some time for yourself to do what you enjoy and reset your mind before Spring Quarter! After the gloomy days of winter, I enjoy taking my camera out in the city and photographing the liveliness coming back onto the streets.

5. Get ready for Spring Quarter: I love taking advantage of the time I have to prepare for the next two months. Starting with a clean slate will make you feel prepared and confident going into your new courses. I like to clean out my closet and donate things I no longer wear or use. I also like to take a morning to put my schedule together, this way I can know exactly what I have to do on the first day of school, rather than spending the first two weeks going in blind and having a trial and error period. I like to check out one of the dozens of local coffee shops that I have not tried before to get my work done in a new, inviting environment.

Taking time for yourself to enjoy life and preparing for the next chapter will set you up for success. Take the time to reset and go into springtime with a strong mindset!


Spend your breaks visiting Chicago and DePaul!