To 5 Activities for when your family visits

If you are like me, one of the most exciting things for your family when you went off to college was the location where you decided to go. For us at DePaul, Chicago is an awesome destination for our family to look forward to visiting. I am from a pretty rural town in Michigan, so it’s safe to say that my family definitely looks forward to coming to Chicago. The city provides so many opportunities and activities that are not found anywhere else, and in this post I am going to talk about some of my favorite things to do with my family when they visit.

1. Restaurants

Chicago is a city known for its food. We have countless amazing options for practically every type of food you could want. Of course being in Chicago you have to get some deep dish as well. My personal favorite deep dish is from Peqoud’s which is right off of DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus. In my opinion, Chicago is the perfect place to try a new type of food that maybe is not found in other areas, and this is a great option for something to do with your parents when they visit.


A group of about ten Pathways Honors student standing in a circle introducing themselves to one another. It is a crisp, fall day.

2. The Art Institute

The Art Institute of Chicago is truly amazing. We have some of the most beautiful works of art on the planet located right in our city. The best part: DePaul students get free access. All we have to do is just show up and show them our student ID, and we get free tickets. The variety of art is my personal favorite part of the Art Institute. There is everything from ancient sculptures to breathtaking paintings from masters like Cezanne and Rembrandt to modern pieces that will have you thinking for hours. In my opinion, the Art Institute is a must-see for anyone that visits me.

3. Entertainment

Being like any other major city, Chicago provides so many fun entertainment opportunities. If you are in the mood for some live music, check out any concerts coming to major venues like the United Center or Allstate Arena, or head to an intimate spot like Kingston Mines. If you are in the mood for a laugh, head to any local theater for amazing comedy shows or check out the famous Laugh Factory for some great standup. I don’t even have to mention the awesome sports available in the city, we have teams in practically every major American league. There is always something fun to do in the city!

A picture of a large inflatable snowman at the DePaul University Ugly Sweater Party.

4. Explore a Neighborhood

There are so many cool things going on in these neighborhoods that do not get talked about enough! This is one that I had not thought about until I started at DePaul. Chicago has so much to offer in terms of different communities and environments. The famous areas like the Loop and River North obviously get the most attention and have a lot of the big name attractions. However, I would really recommend checking out some of the lesser known areas of Chicago. Head to neighborhoods like Wicker Park or Andersonville for some really cool vintage and antique stores to get that old-school Chicago experience. To see the incredible culture in the city, head to Pilsen or Chinatown and immerse yourself in the wide array of cultures here in the city.

5. DePaul Events

This list would not be complete without talking about the activities that DePaul provides for the families of its students! If you are getting a visit during family weekend, you will have options all weekend long. DePaul provides a great variety of events to give your family a feel of the school and experience the college life in Chicago. Additionally, DePaul is a Division 1 school, so you can check out some great athletic events going on year-round. I always think it’s fun to give my family a tour of campus as well, and you can show them around in both the Loop and Lincoln Park!

Overall, the city provides an awesome destination for your family to come visit you. There are countless things to do, and its always fun to experience the variety of things going on in the city with your family. These are just a few options to have, once you get on campus you can find your own favorites and share them with your family!


Take a tour of the Lincoln Park Campus!