Top 3 Reasons Why I Like to Study Outside of My Room

Today, I want to talk about the top three reasons why I like to study outside of my room. I know that especially in the winter months, we can get really lazy and don’t want to leave our cozy rooms, but I promise that studying or working outside of your room or house will make you feel so much better!

1. Makes Me Feel More Productive

Working outside of my room helps me get a lot more work done faster. I personally feel like it’s important to separate your resting space from your workspace. During the pandemic, I had to do my homework in my room and I felt so stressed even when I wasn’t doing work because my laptop and homework were right in front of me. Further, my bed didn’t feel like a comfy place anymore – it felt like somewhere that was meant for work, and that’s not what it should be. It’s also just a lot easier to work at a table because you’re forced to sit up and you’re not as tempted to fall asleep. So if you don’t want to leave your house because it’s cold outside, I recommend at least working at some type of desk or table. 

La Colombe Coffee

    2. Makes Me Feel Like the Main Character

    It may be cheesy, but I find joy in doing my makeup and wearing a cute but cozy outfit before I go to a coffee shop to work. I like to put in my AirPods and blast music like I’m in a movie scene as I find my next cute cafe. Plus, I get to take aesthetic pictures for my Instagram stories during my study breaks. Working on homework doesn’t have to be boring!

    Nomad Coffee

    3. I Get to Reward Myself

    Like many, I procrastinate doing my work, especially any sort of math homework, so I push myself by telling myself that I can reward myself with food or going shopping after I finish. When it’s warm, I love walking down Michigan Ave. I honestly think it’s a really good method!

    Michigan Ave       Del Seoul

    Since moving to Chicago, I have found so many cute places to work around Lincoln Park and the Loop. Some places that I like to study or work at are McGowan South (because I find it to be the most modern and aesthetically pleasing building on campus) and Olor Cafe, which is right behind the St. Vincent DePaul Church. Nomad is also a really pretty pink cafe in River North that has delicious coffee and also sells items from small business owners. My favorite place, though, is Capital One Cafe. There’s one near the Loop Campus and one off of Southport. There’s tons of seating (including private nooks), it’s super clean, and best of all, Capital One card owners get 50% off all drinks! 

    Capital One Cafe

    I hope this inspired you to get out of your house and be productive. Working at a library or coffee shop really helps me get all of my work out of the way so I can relax and make other plans during the weekends!

    – Saira

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