Top 10 Things I’ve Learned Going to College in Chicago

I am from New York and moved here for school. Here’s a list of things I have learned about going to college in Chicago.

1. Chicago is a clean city. Being from New York, I was used to cities being dirty and disgusting. However
Chicago is so clean since it has better planning and zoning for buildings, thus providing plenty of
alleyways to keep trash.

2. Chicago has the best museums. Chicago has a plethora of different museums of all different kinds that
are all excellent ways to spend your day. I even saw a medieval torture museum is opening up soon.

3. Chicago’s transit system is pretty sweet. Most of the trains are above ground, which means when you
ride them you get a little tour of all the buildings. I never even use my phone on the train, I just look out
the window and listen to music.

4. It’s very cold. It’s only October and I’ve already started wearing my winter clothes. Don’t be afraid, once you’re wearing a jacket it isn’t that bad, just make sure you’re prepared.

5. It feels safe. Coming to the city I was definitely worried about crime since that’s all the news ever says
about Chicago. However I’ve found that this city feels safer than New York, it’s just such a big
jurisdiction that people make all of Chicago seem dangerous but this is simply not the case.

6. Sightseeing. Spending my weekends sightseeing around the city, which is a great time. The Bean is
awesome and so is the Willis Tower (Sears Tower, for the locals) so make sure you check them out.

7. Parks. Chicago has many beautiful parks, such as Grant Park, Millennium Park and my favorite is the
Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool. This place is absolutely beautiful and you just gotta see it for yourself.

8. Food. Chicago has some of the best food I’ve ever had. The restaurants here are out of this world and
you can get any type of dish you want. I just had Hawaiian the other day, which was absolutely fantastic.

9. Places to study. There are plenty of places to study in Chicago. You can study in any of the parks I’ve
mentioned before, or any relaxing place in the city. I love to study in the Chicago Public Library right by
the Loop Campus. The top floor is absolutely beautiful and is worth checking out.

10. The shows. Since Chicago is such a big city, most band tours usually do a concert or two. This has
allowed me to see so many musicians I’m interested in. I’ve only been here a few months but I’ve
already seen the Wu Tang Clan, Danny Brown and Thundercat.

~ Brian