Tips on the College Search Process

1. Spend time on TikTok & add friends on snap

My college search process was kind of interesting and you probably wouldn’t guess how I found out about DePaul. Over Summer of 2020 I commented on a random TikTok and was put into group chat on Snapchat, which I thought was kind of odd at first, but it ended up changing my life. Everyone was introducing themselves when one girl said she attended DePaul and that her major was digital marketing. It sounded really interesting so I decided to look more into it. 

2. Research colleges and narrow down the options

Although I really liked DePaul, I still wanted to look at more potential schools in case I decided to stay near home in California. Eventually, DePaul ended up being in my list of top three schools that I really wanted to go to.

3. Figure out the application process and apply!

I figured out how to apply to all my schools. Thankfully, all the applications were done on one platform. Some of them required just the Common App essay, while others required supplemental essays. DePaul’s was super simple and only required the Common App essay, which was great! 

4. Wait patiently for a decision

I applied in November 2020 and got my decision in December. I got my answer pretty fast, but I had to wait until April to make my final decision, since the other schools I applied to didn’t get back to me until months later. It was a tough five months but I waited patiently. Welllll, not really. I checked my email everyday — sometimes five times a day — to see if any other schools emailed me my decision. 

5. Weigh the pros and cons

Once I got all my decisions back, I decided to weigh the pros and cons of each school. I knew that I really wanted to move away from home, but that would be pretty expensive. However, I knew that it would allow me to grow into an independent individual. DePaul checked off everything on my list so I ended up picking it as my final choice!

6. Click accept and begin the journey!

I clicked accept right before the deadline and I have never looked back. My experience here so far has been amazing and I’m so glad I chose this school. I’ve made some amazing friends and have been to some pretty cool events so far. I can’t wait to see what the next three years hold!!!

~ Saira

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