Tips for Dealing with the Quarter System

One thing that’s somewhat unique to DePaul is the quarter system. The quarter is divided into 10 weeks; we get midterms around week 5 and finals at week 10. You might notice that the quarter system goes by reallyyy fast and you might feel like you can’t catch a break. I learned to manage my time really well so that I wouldn’t do everything at the last minute, even though that’s what I was used to doing in high school. Procrastinating would work fine for me in high school, but once I got to college I found myself feeling extremely overwhelmed, especially since I’d be rushing to finish all my homework during the weekend — the weekend should be time to have fun and rest before the new week starts. Here are some tips for dealing with the quarter system!

1. Get a planner

There are tons of cute ones at Target, CVS, and stationery stores that are under $20. After every class, I write down all the homework I need to finish by the end of the day. It helped me make sure I didn’t forget anything.

2. Divide your time evenly

Depending on how much time I have left in the day, I divide up my time evenly so I’m not doing a whole bunch of homework at the same time. I aim to do 2-3 assignments a day, depending on the length of each one. If I can’t finish it the same day, I try to do as much as I can and then schedule working on it the next day along with my new assignments. I try to do homework for an hour straight and then take a 15-minute break but breaking up your time in a different way may work better for you! I also try to do assignments the day they’re assigned and while the information I learned in class is still fresh in my brain. I felt like this helped me finish all my work on time so that I wouldn’t rush to finish it the day it was due.

3. Set aside study time

When it comes to midterm and finals week, I generally study in the library every day of the week for a few hours because it helps me focus better. I made study guides for myself and reviewed any practice documents my professors uploaded to prepare for the exam. I recommend the third and fourth floors for quiet study and the second floor when you have a little bit more “easy work” and want to socialize with others.

4. Don’t forget to relax!

Sometimes I still have days where I feel overwhelmed, but that’s completely normal. Don’t forget to go outside and get some fresh air in between classes or study sessions. One of my favorite things to do is walk along the lake and watch the skyline during sunset!

~ Saira

Be a part of DePaul’s quarter system!