Things To Do Over DePaul’s 6 Week Break

 1. Go on a short term study abroad trip. 

There are a variety of short term study abroad trips to various places in Europe or Asia!  

 2. Go on a service immersion trip. 

 I have gone on two service immersion trips over DePaul’s winter break.  One of them was   to LA, and the other was to Bogota, Colombia. I highly recommend these trips!


3. Get an internship. 

This long break allows students the perfect opportunity to get a short term internship.  


4. Visit a friend at a different college. 

 Since DePaul is one of the only schools on the quarter system, there are a few weeks where schools   on the semester system will still be in session between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


5. Travel with friends. 

This long break is the perfect time to do some traveling!  I am going to Seattle over break with some of my friends.


 6. Relax!

 The quarter was probably quite draining, and you will definitely need some time to relax   and catch up on your favorite shows.   


7. Work as much as you want! 

With the break, many students use it to make a lot of money before the holiday season hits.  


8. Spend time with family. 

You may not have seen your family for awhile, and you may not for awhile again once  break is over!  Don’t take the time you have with your friends and family for granted over break!


9. Polish your resume/portfolio. 

Without the stress of classes and constant homework, break is the perfect time to make sure your resume and portfolio and looking perfect!


10. Countdown the days until you can come back to DePaul! 

 Every year, I find myself counting down the days until I am able to get back with my   friends here at DePaul and come back to the city!  

– Sydney Snell