Things to do at home during breaks

As an only child, there’s not much to do when I go home for summer. When you’re bored at home, there are plenty of activities you can try to keep yourself entertained and make the most of your time. Here are some ideas I like to keep in mind during breaks from school:

1. Watch movies or binge-watch a TV series. Catch up on your favorite shows or discover new ones. Streaming services offer a wide range of options. Lately, I’ve been watching Manifest on Netflix and The Vampire Diaries on HBO Max. Don’t forget that AMC has $3 movie tickets on Wednesdays and $5 ones on Saturdays all summer (check website for specific locations)!

2. Learn something new. Take up a new hobby or skill. You can learn to play a musical instrument, paint, or even code. Start a DIY project and get creative with arts and crafts. You can paint, draw, knit, or build something using materials you have at home. Try to experiment with new recipes, bake some cookies, or try your hand at making a delicious meal. 

3. Exercise. Engage in home workouts, yoga, or meditation. There are numerous online resources and apps available to guide you. I like to go on short walks around my neighborhood or explore the ones around mine. Make sure you go with someone or tell a trusted person before you go!

4. Connect with friends and family. Catch up with loved ones through video calls, chat groups, or online gaming platforms.  It’s kind of hard to keep up with people during the school year because you might be busy or stressed, so take this time to FaceTime a family member or text a friend and ask them to hang out!

5. Organize and declutter. Tackle that messy drawer, closet, or room you’ve been meaning to sort out. It can be satisfying and create a more organized living space.

6. Watch educational videos. This sounds a little boring  but explore educational platforms like TED Talks, online courses, or documentaries to expand your knowledge on various subjects. DePaul offers free LinkedIn learning courses and certificates, which can really come in handy!


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