The Coronavirus vs. A Simple Art Major

As you can imagine, this sudden pandemic has shaped my way of thinking and living. When I heard about the news of having to leave the DePaul Campus, I was still in the middle of my art critiques and finals. As an animation major, the animation labs were crucial for me to render or work on any assignments I had at the time. 

I remember sitting in the Student Center, working on my animation project when the door opened, and the security guard announced the labs were now closed. 

Did you hear that? That was the sound of my heart shattering into a million pieces! 

A lot of students who major in the arts had to accommodate their projects for submission, even if incomplete.  Thankfully, DePaul is full of wonderful and understanding instructors that know what’s best for their students (Thanks Scott!).

After moving my items out of my dorm room, I sadly had to say goodbye to the campus this quarter. However, I will be back to live on campus for the next quarter! I am definitely ready to come back with that Blue Demon spirit, instead of being trapped inside the house!

– Jasmyn Lewis