The advice I would give my younger self 

1. Enjoy every moment 

Senior Year goes by very quickly, so it is important to soak in the time you have remaining in high school. While all the excitement for college builds it can be easy to forget to enjoy what you currently have. 

2. Buying Dorm Essentials 

My biggest tip for going to college is to make a list of your dorm essentials and buy them slowly over a few months instead of all at once. This will allow you time to remember things you may have forgotten, and it is easier on the bank! 

3. Keep in touch with old friends 

College is the time that you will make so many new friends from different places, but it is important to keep in touch with your hometown friends if you truly value their friendship. Remember to keep the people close who have been with you through it all! Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to people from your high school who are attending the same college! 

4. Balance social activities and school

Senior year is very exciting with events like prom, senior nights, championship games, and more! During this time it is important to still stay on top of your academics in order to keep you prepared for college! Practicing this social life balance will help you so much during college! You can still have fun, attend events, and do well in school!


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