Surviving a Global Pandemic:

Hobbies & Self Care 

 Being a first-year college student during a global pandemic is not ideal for any student, especially if college was an escape from your small hometown, like it was for me. It is ok to be upset and angry, but eventually you have to wake up and try to make the best out of the card’s life has dealt you. This was very hard for me to learn, but now I believe everything happens for a reason. Since the pandemic started, I learned a few things…

Following my Passions

While in quarantine I decided to merge two of my passions: art and crystals/spirituality and started my own small business named Wired Wonders! This has allowed me to occupy my free time while doing something I am passionate about. Even though it may be hard we should all challenge ourselves to pursue a new passion project with all the free time this pandemic is bringing us!


Another way I have been coping with living through this pandemic is by making sure I have intense Self-Care at least 2-3 times a week. Whether it is getting my nails done, doing face masks, or letting myself relax and binge watch TV, I always make time to make sure I am balanced and grounded. This is hard to do especially between work and school, but you have to prioritize yourself. If you don’t school and work will suffer as well.

All in all, there is no “right” way to live through a pandemic. You just have to take it day by day and know that what we’re going through now won’t last forever.