Student Organizations at DePaul

In honor of this being my last quarter at DePaul, I thought I would make a list of some hidden gem organizations I would recommend to DePaul students to get involved in!

1. Service Immersion Trips

These trips offer you the opportunity to serve in a new city for a week focused around social issues.


2. Residence Adviser

Become an RA! Not only do you get your housing and meal plan paid for, but you also are able to meet so many people.

3. Meet Me at the Mission

This organization has events that contain dialogue about Vincentian ways of life and often have food.  My favorites are Taco Tuesday or Mardi Gras with the Vincentians!

4. DePaul Chi Area Peace Action

This organization is a way for activists in the DePaul community to get together to offer ideas and actions to create peace.

5. Student Government Association

Even if you are not interested in running for a position, SGA often has open meetings where students are able to express their thoughts and ideas on how to make DePaul better.  

6. DePaul Community Service Association

This organization offers weekly service to various places around the city of Chicago such as schools or humane societies. 

 7. Intramurals 

 At the Ray there are various intramural teams for a number of sports you can participate   in.

8. Campus Jobs

Not only are campus jobs a great way to make money, but they are also a great way to meet many other DePaul students and staff.

9. Chicago Quarter Mentor 

Being a Chicago Quarter Mentor for either Discover or Explore Chicago is a great leadership position and helps your stay connected to the DePaul community as you grow as a student.  


10. Religious Organizations

There are various religious student organizations at DePaul and each are unique in their own ways.  I definitely recommend joining a religious organization if religion is something you feel plays a large role in your identity.  

– Sydney Snell