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Although we are not a state school, DePaul still has a lot of spirit and there are so many ways to get involved! All the organizations that you would want to be involved with is very easy to find on campus, and if not, you get the option to create your own club and/or community. What I love about our school is that DePaul is what you make of it. For example, I have been told that if you want Greek Life, the community is active and amazing. If you do not want Greek Life, it is not a huge part about DePaul so you do not feel left out. DePaul’s community is what you put into it. 

In terms of student organizations, I have talked a lot in the past about what clubs I love and how to get involved (check out my other blogs for more information!). I love how invested you can be in certain clubs, and I have loved what I have done with DePaul Dance Company and the DePaul Theatre Union. If there is something you are interested in, check out the DePaul Student Organization website to see all of the 350+ clubs you can join! 

Campus community, similar to student organizations, is what you make of it. For those who like sports, there is a good group of people who care about going to games and you can be involved in that. There are people who go to DePaul Activities Board events or other DePaul-themed events on the daily you can be involved with. There are dinners, free events, and countless amount of community building experiences happening all the time. If you are on campus, in particular within the Student Center (the STU) or the Schmitt Academic Center (the SAC), there are fliers on bulletin boards that you can peruse. If you want to be involved in DePaul’s community, there are many options that are fun and most of the time free! 

 Student life, following the theme of student organizations and campus community,   is again up to you. If you want to be apart of the community, you can do homework   on the quad or in the library to be with more DePaul students. If not, then you are   more than welcome to be in your dorm and work quietly. Here, the choice is up to   you. 

If you really want to be involved, the simplest act you can do is wearing blue every Thursday in support of DePaul!

-Morgan Kail-Ackerman