Student Club Highlight: Computer Science Society

A projector screen shows some code titling an IOS development workshop put on by the DePaul University Computer Science Society.

       DePaul has so many amazing clubs and student organizations to be a part of. I am a computer science major, so joining the Computer Science Society, or CSS, was a no-brainer for me. If you are looking for support from other students in your major, opportunities to get ahead in your career path, or just a way to connect and make friends with similar students, I would highly recommend joining a club related to your major.

       The CSS has given me so many great opportunities and insights within my field. Even as an underclassman, it’s hard not to think about your first job and career path once you graduate. You came to college to get a degree and become qualified to get a job in a specific field, so naturally you are going to be thinking about how to do that. From my personal experience as well as what I have heard from friends and classmates, joining student organizations related to your major gives you such an advantage compared to people who don’t. 



A speaker from Bosch presents about what it’s like to work at the company during a meeting of the DePaul University Computer Science Society.
A flyer for a Halloween themed hackathon event at DePaul University put on by the Computer Science Society and a few other tech related clubs.

       Take my experience with the CSS for example; we meet once a week during the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. During these meetings we do things ranging from preparing for interviews, to listening to presentations from companies hiring computer science graduates in Chicago, to playing UNO. The things I have learned from being in this club and actively participating in its events have been extremely valuable to me. I have networked with upperclassmen who have real-world experience and have interviewed and gotten offers for jobs that I would love to have. I have heard from industry professionals about what it’s like to work in the field and what I can do while in college to maximize my opportunities after graduation. On top of all of this, I am becoming more comfortable talking about topics within my major and understanding what it’s like to be a part of this field.


       Besides the career advantages that come with being in this club, I also really enjoy the social aspect. I immediately have something in common with everyone there, so I always have something to talk about in conversations. Beyond that, most of the people end up being very similar to me as we chose to study the same topic. The energy at our meetings is super fun and light and we play games all the time. It’s also so nice to have a place where I can go and talk with other computer science students about classes and professors and get extremely valuable recommendations on what I should and shouldn’t take. I have made some great friends through this club and I look forward to our meetings every week.

Two employees from CNA Financial present about internship opportunities at their company at a DePaul University Computer Science Society meeting.


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