Staying Motivated During the Pandemic

Staying motivated throughout the winter can be tough, especially with the pandemic. When you feel stuck, motivation can come within. Set small goals for yourself. Make your bed, clean the kitchen, do a homework assignment. Setting mini-tasks and having a box to check can make you feel motivated, and planning it in advance is a good way to relieve stress. It is important to keep stress low as stress can cause a shut down. Sometimes, too much stress can result in your brain dismissing the things making you stressed, which can create a lack of motivation. 

Secondly, be proud of yourself. Having an optimistic attitude can help you be motivated. Figuring out what motivates you can be tough, but it sometimes is right in front of you. That feeling of accomplishment, the hope of a successful future. Motivation should come from within. While you may be stuck inside due to the climate and world we live in, staying connected with friends and family is key. Take a break when you need to, and seek motivation from your surroundings. Friends and family can often remind you of why you do what you do :).

~ Chris