Spring Break in Florida

Spring Break is always at the end of March following winter quarter finals. This gives students an opportunity to reconnect and catch up with friends and families, travel, or just take a break from intensive academic life. Traveling is one of the most popular options for students. This year my spring break involved a vacation with my family to Orlando and Tampa Bay, Florida. 

Filling my time with family bonding and individual enjoyment, my vacation was a fantastic chance to learn more about the world and see unforgettable sights. One of my personal favorites during in Orlando was Gatorland which was filled with multitudes of colorful, fun, and engaging animal exhibits and shows! Some of the animals in the park include parrots, alligators, capybaras, emus, snakes, tortoises, and many more, however, the primary focus is on gators as the name implies.

Additionally, Orlando, Florida hosts nationwide attractions like Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and Legoland. Another unique experience my family tried out was the speed airboat ride zooming through the grassy plains where we were able to catch glimpses of a variety of gators and birds. In Tampa, there were also a plentiful amount of attractions along with incredible weather for tourists to enjoy.

Tampa hosts the Busch Gardens, Florida Aquarium, and ZooTampa along with beautiful beaches along the coasts. Grabbing food, going for a swim, doing a photoshoot, and collecting seashells are among the activities I did in Tampa. Lastly, to finish off my break, I was able to catch a concert for an Asian American artist called “Keshi” with a group of friends! All-in-all, I had an incredible break where I was able to make new memories and enjoy myself.


Come to campus for your spring break!