Reasons Why DePaul is the BEST

1. Our tight Knit Community

DePaul feels like a smaller university, so our community is very connected and strong. It is very likely that you will have classes with the same people multiple times, and generally run in similar circles. This is a great opportunity to make close friends during your time here, and build a college family for yourself. 

2. Access to Transportation

Getting to and from the DePaul campuses is easy thanks to the Chicago public transportation system. The CTA buses and trains have routes very close to campus so you can get where you need to go quickly. This year, DePaul introduced the Intercampus shuttle which is a coach bus that brings students to either Loop or Lincoln Park campuses. They also introduced the Vinny Van, which brings students to off-campus housing that is within a close range. These new additions, run from the afternoon until late, which is a safe way for students to travel after dark. 


3. Networking Opportunities 

DePaul offers a wide variety of networking opportunities for students. Networking events with both students and professionals are held often in order to help establish a foundation for students that can grant them opportunities during their time here or after. It is also possible to network with people from other cultures and countries thanks to DePaul’s incredible Study Abroad programs. 

4. School Organizations 

There is a wide variety of organizations on campus for students to join and become involved with. There is Greek Life, Professional Societies, hobby clubs, intramural sports, and more! There is a club or organization truly for everyone. These campus groups and the events they host can be found on DeHub!

~ Marina

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