Preparing for an Exciting School Year

 Returning to school after a lengthy and relaxing summer break can be extremely difficult for many due to the significant switch back to  academics. Entering an academic lifestyle after a three-month vacation requires easing and adapting to the college campus, student life, homework, and various other aspects of a balanced college experience.

Throughout my vacation, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Niagara Falls in New York/Canada and enjoy my time stress-free along with my family. Included amongst other activities, what we do during the summer allows us to finally get some fresh air following a difficult academic year. However, time flies when you’re having fun and as the summer jumps to an end we must focus our minds on school again.

 The process of starting a new school year is an  overwhelming   experience as it usually involves moving in, preparing for classes,   buying materials, connecting with friends, planning your schedule, and  much more. Understanding the importance of organizing tasks that need to be completed and marking down dates and times will be exceedingly beneficial for any student starting a fresh year. Contact friends and discuss with your parents what you should be doing to prepare and excel in your coming quarter as well to ensure nothing is overlooked. Overall, try to be mindful of your time leading up to your first days of school and plan accordingly so you don’t end up having to tear your house apart to find items the day before class.

Planning a balanced schedule for each week ahead of time such as classes, studying, going out, sleeping, etc. will give you an infinitely more enjoyable and organized school experience. Set realistic goals that you want to accomplish and work towards them, but always allow yourself to go out and socialize or relax to maintain your physical and mental health. There is an abundance of information and advice that can be given to college students going into any year. Some of the most important pieces of advice I would recommend would be to stay healthy (fitness, diet, rest), don’t procrastinate, plan ahead, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

~ Alex

Be here next fall!