Pathways Honors Guest Blog: Beula

A Pathways Honor student, dressed in DePaul blue, takes a joyous selfie with DIBS, DePaul's mascot. It is a sunny summer day.

Pathways Honors is a unique program to DePaul for driven, passionate students pursuing a career in health. Between the Fall and Winter quarter, we invited several students from the program to share their experience with this special opportunity. Beula, the floor is yours!



Are you a motivated undergraduate student pursuing a career in healthcare? Then, the Pathways Honors program might be perfect for you. Not only does it allow you to network with graduate students and faculty, it also provides you with exceptional resources that include advising and a student community here at DePaul that will help you succeed as a future health professional.



A group of Pathways Honors students sit around a low, round table playing a card game. Off to the side is a Twister matt laid out for a game.


As a Pathways Honors student, I have been able to meet outstanding peers looking into careers in Nursing, PA, Immunology, and various others. As you get to work with students of different paths but with the same goal of improving healthcare, the community really becomes a microcosm of the field at large. This exposure is very valuable even as early as your undergraduate years.


As part of the program, you get the incredible opportunity of being in classes taught by professors who really care about equipping you to succeed in your future endeavors. This includes faculty at both DePaul and Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine. You get access to awesome advisors who support you and enable you to become a competent applicant wherever you are in your professional journey.


A DePaul professor wearing gloves holds a pipette in front of two students. The professor is explaining some concept to the students, who look on attentively.


Your involvement with Pathways is unique and, in a way, extracurricular as there are no classes you need to take to be in the program. All you really need to do is maintain a good academic standing and complete a minimum of 30 hours of volunteer activity, which include hours you dedicate to clinical (i.e. hospital-related, suicide hotlines, watching healthcare-related documentaries and TED talks, etc.) and nonclinical (church, attending DePaul events, etc.) experiences. There are also leadership and mentoring opportunities available within the program. So, keep an eye out for those!


A hand-decorated caramel apple, covered in chocolate chips, cookie crumbs, and sprinkles. The DePaul Tree of Wisdom is on a podium in the background.


Pathways Honors has houses every student will be placed in. There are 6 houses in total, which create a greater sense of community and communication between students and their mentors as well as create fun and informational events for all students to attend! I am part of the Purple house, and we had an event this fall where we made caramel apples! Other house events included Jeopardy, movie nights, suturing, Finals goody-bag distribution, and so much more.







Three Pathways Honors Students taking a selfie in a classroom. They're smiling with notebooks and other academic supplies in front of them, and each wears a Pathways Honors sweatshirt.

So, don’t wait if this piques your interest! Consider your eligibility and join today. From what I have learned in my college journey so far, the best thing you can do is find a community that supports and motivates you to pursue excellence. That’s exactly what Pathways Honors is. It provides you direction, community, and opportunities for growth. Get involved today!


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