On-campus, Online, Hybrid? So many class options.

For many years there was only one option for taking classes; you needed to come to campus. There were limited online class options but majority of classes were in-person only. Now DePaul is offering a variety of class meeting options called “modalities”.

We now have classes in multiple modalities, both on-campus and online. While most classes will be offered on-campus, there’s also online classes, and some courses may include both an online and on-campus option. We also now have asynchronous (no set meeting times) and synchronous (class meets at scheduled times virtually).

When deciding which modalities to take, you need to think of two factors:

    • Do you want to physically be present on campus at specific times?
    • Do you want to attend online meetings at specific times?


On-Campus Modalities – you may have to go to campus at some point.

    • On-Campus: this is the modality most of us are most familiar with. These classes meet in person on the specified day(s) and times.
    • On-Campus Hybrid: these classes blend in-person sessions on the specified day(s) and times with online asynchronous learning opportunities (like video-lectures, online activities, discussions). You’ll still be required to physically come to campus but less frequently.
    • Flex (or Bimodal): these classes meet on campus in a Zoom-enabled room. You can attend on-campus or synchronously on Zoom. You don’t need to come to campus unless you want to.


Online Modalities – you never have to go to campus, participation is 100% online.

    • Online: Asynchronous – no set meeting times, course content is available 24/7, and the most flexible format for scheduling.
    • Online: Synchronous – these classes meet at a scheduled time virtually. The format is similar to on-campus learning since the classes are conducted in real time.
    • Online: Hybrid – Blends asynchronous and synchronous online formats.

Personally, I prefer to do a mix of all the modalities. I like being in-person and getting the college experience but having the option for online is really helpful when I’m working. Regardless of which modality you choose, you’ll still be a part of DePaul.

~ Taylor

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