Oh, The Places You’ll Go (On Campus)

1. You are so close to so many people your own age. 

When you live on campus, everyone around you is generally your age. You are all having a shared experience and learning about being on your own for the first time. So even though it can be uncomfortable, introduce yourself to the people in your hall. Ask someone you don’t know if they want to get dinner with you and your roommate. You might just make a friend! 

2. The Ray 

When you live on campus, you live close to the Ray. The ray is another great way to make friends (by asking someone if they want to go to a workout class or something, don’t just approach people at the gym and ask if you can be best friends.) You can go to a workout class, lift weights, play intramurals, sprint around the track pretending you are an Olympian while admiring the skyline, play a game of pickup basketball, the possibilities are endless.

3. You get to eat at the dining hall. 

Everyone thinks dining hall food is bad or boring. But a dining hall isn’t there to be a Michelin star restaurant, it’s there to allow you the freedom of never having to cook when you’re on campus. The amount of time you free up to socialize, do homework, etc. is abundant. If it’s your first time living on your own, it is the first time you have to prepare everything you eat for yourself. The dining hall takes that stress away and allows you to enjoy the food and not the mess.

4. You probably won’t be late to class. 

If you live on campus and have class in Lincoln park, it should be pretty easy to make it to class on time. The campus isn’t too sprawling so even if you leave 10 minutes before, odds are you’ll be there on time. Just don’t dilly dally. If you live in Lincoln park but have class in the loop, the train sits right there in the middle of campus, so it’s not far to get to. 

5. It’s a cool way to stay connected once you leave. 

When you decide to move off campus or graduate, you will always have the connection to your old dorm. As a senior, I still meet new people who had lived in University Hall, where I was a resident. When we both find out we have lived in that building, whether it was at the same time or not, it allows for a connection to form between the two of you. 

On campus living is such a unique part of the college experience and I’d recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity!

~ Gracie

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