My Top 5 Coffee Shops around DePaul

Seasons change and the school years end, but my caffeine addiction doesn’t. So, as the summer continues onward, I find myself journeying around Chicago for my caffeine fix. I am a Starbucks lover through and through, and can appreciate some Dunkin in a time crunch, but there are those times where you just want a nice, local, chill coffee shop vibe. And while there are so many places I want to try next, here are my current top coffee shops in Chicago. 

1. Goddess and the Baker

Starting off strong, we have Goddess and the Baker. There are a ton of locations scattered across Chicago, but I usually end up at the shop right by DePaul’s Loop Campus or the one right near the Riverwalk. They have some really unique drink options and there is this energy that just keeps you relaxed and social. I recommend trying out the Apple Butter Oat Latte and if you’re in the mood for a snack, their savory pastries are 10/10!

2. La Colombe

If you’re looking for no-frills, classic coffee, look no further than La Colombe. This is ideal for hanging with friends and catching up with a perfectly frothy latte. The Armitage location is a short walk from DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus, so I usually see a lot of DePaul students doing their homework and hanging out here. Such a cozy vibe ! 

3. Printer’s Row Coffee

This shop is for the alt-milk lovers and early birds! Closing at 1 pm daily, Printer’s Row Coffee is for those morning walks and the hustle to a 9:50 class. They make syrups in-house and have a wide range of milk optionsincluding Macadamia milk which is crazy goodat no additional charge. If you can swing by before they close, this is a must-try, and it’s super close to Lincoln Park campus !

4. Cafe Deko

For the days I am feeling *aesthetic,* I love to go to Cafe Deko in Lincoln Park. It is right off of Diversey and is an Art Deco-themed cafe with beautiful decor. The coffee is delicious of course, with my favorite being the Rose Latte! See if you can grab a green velvet booth, and soak in the ambiance. And, even better, there is a Trader Joe’s a few blocks away (to keep the party going, of course)!

5. Botanical Cafe

It is so hard to decide where to go for coffee, let alone what to order. Some of these menus are crazy, and I am indecisive, so it is definitely not a great combo. But why decide? At Botanical Cafe in North Center, you can try out a coffee flight. These are seasonal, but such a fun experience to try out with friends. Their drinks are all super unique and hit the spot year-round. We got a holiday flight and it certainly didn’t disappoint! 

There are endless options for coffee shops around Chicago to choose from, and I am sure I will never make a dent in that list. Still, these are some classics that I find to be total crowd-pleasers that bring some fun to the caffeine kick. Enjoy a bev, and see what Chicago has to offer ! 

~Breanne, your certified Caffeine Lover

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