Top 3 Professors at DePaul

One reason why I chose to attend DePaul is the small class sizes. I knew I wouldn’t succeed at a school where the classes were big lecture halls with 300 people because it is harder to have a connection with the professor. It’s more likely that they see you as just a number and it’s also easier to skip class because of that. I knew that I would learn better in classes of 30-40 students. Many of the classrooms are equipped with technology to allow for flex classes, which basically means you have the option of going to class in person or join through Zoom. Personally, I prefer learning in-person but having the Zoom option when I don’t feel like taking the train, especially in the winter. I love that DePaul offers in-person, online, asynchronous, and flex options!

Here are a couple of my favorite professors and classes so far.

  • Babacar Mbengue (HST 142, 143)   Professor Mbengue is definitely one of my favorite professors at DePaul! He’s so kind and understanding. I’ve taken two Muslim history classes with him and they had similar formats, so you know that he has a set teaching technique and knows what he’s doing. He keeps history lessons interesting through his interactive lectures and videos. Although he mainly teaches classes pertaining to Islam, he does also teach general history courses and I hope to take more classes with him in the future!

  • Mohammed Mirhosseini (ECO 105, BUS 102)   Professor Mirhosseini is great at explaining topics that I normally would have been lost in. I normally do not understand economics, but learning through his lectures on Zoom did wonders. Two quarters after I had him for ECO 105, I got to take class with him in person and took BUS 102, or Business Analytics with him, where he did an amazing job teaching us how to use Excel. This class also had a flex option, where we could join the class on Zoom from home. I would take a class with him again!

  • Victoria Hohenzy (WRD 104)   I had Professor Hohenzy for WRD 104 in my freshman year and she make this class so fun. I got to use my Digication skills to make an online portfolio, which she helped us create step by step so we wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. We got to work with small groups, which made the class feel like a small community. She’s really well organized and great at communicating. She genuinely cares for her students and wants to help you whenever you need. She was super nice and relatable and I would love to take another class with her in the future.


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