My Summer Plans: COVID Edition

After having limited options for so long due to COVID, many people are eager to start exploring different summer activities, including me! Here are some of my plans for this summer, I hope it will provide students with inspiration about how to spend their summers! (Keep in mind I am fully vaccinated so all of my plans are possible because of this).

  • Spanish Class- I will be taking a Spanish class through my community college this summer to take care of the last liberal arts requirement I have left! After finishing this class, I will only have major requirements to fulfill. I chose to take this Spanish class at my community college so my grade won’t affect my DePaul GPA and it’ll be cheaper. I highly suggest students who take summer courses do the same!
  • Summer Camp Music Festival- I will be attending Summer Camp Music Festival, a smaller camping festival in Chillicothe, IL. Although I’m primarily going to camp, listen to music, and spend time with my sister, I will also hopefully be working with DePaul’s Students for Sensible Drug Policy chapter, to educate scampers on harm reduction, peer support, and other SSDP related This is what I’m looking forward to most!!
  • Family Michigan Vacation- My family is renting a beach house in Michigan and we will be doing our first large family get together in a long time! I’m excited because I’ll get to see my grandma, who I haven’t seen since pre-covid. Most of all I’m excited that the house we rented is dog friendly, which means my dog gets to come too!!

~ Jeanne