My Favorite Class at DePaul: COVID-19 Edition

Class: PHL 250- Philosophy and Social Change  

Professor: Danielle Meijer

  • As students at DePaul, most, if not all students must complete an experiential learning credit in order to graduate. Philosophy and Social Change not only fills this credit (the experiential learning portion is a virtual presentation), but it also provides students with a unique view of social change, outside of liberalism.

  • PHL 250 was the first async class I ever took, and although I was nervous, it ended up being hands down one of my favorite classes I’ve taken, period.

  • Of all the classes that DePaul has to offer, this class has the most lenience, is the most personal, and teaches students the most about social justice, how it tends to be perceived by DePaul as well as by liberalism, and how social justice can be perceived in a more productive lens, outside of the liberalism spectrum.

I won’t spoil the magic, but Danielle Meijer is one of the best instructors you will ever meet. She is kind, she is vulnerable, she is honest, and most of all, she genuinely cares for and values her students’ education and wellbeing. She’s willing to have entire email conversations about topics that connect to the material, and she’s willing to not only get to know students as people, but she wants students to get to know her as a person as well.  

Take this class!! You will not regret the diverse perspectives it offers you.  

~ Jeanne