Moving in at DePaul

1. There will be a lot of people moving at once. 

At a normal move in, about half of the freshmen are all moving in at roughly the same time.  Make sure that you have a plan when moving in and try to limit the number of trips back to your vehicle.

 2. Pack light. 

 You are moving into a college dorm room, not the place where you will live for the next ten   years.  Having your entire closet and extra furniture will only add extra stress when it comes to move in and move out.

3. Move-in earlier, rather than later.

I suggest moving in earlier rather than later.  It gives you time to organize your room and meet people on your floor.

 4. Rent your fridge and microwave instead of buying them.

 DePaul has a contract with a company called Bedloft.  Through this company, students have the   ability to rent a mini-fridge and microwave set and have it delivered to the dorm room before they move in.  This limits the large items that need to be moved in and overall is easier.

5. Bring command hooks.

They are great for hanging pictures, lights and coats.  Since students can not use nails or hooks in the dorm, command hooks will be the best option.

 6. Have a light for your bed.

 Dorm beds at DePaul are not near the light switch.  Having an extra light close to your bed is   helpful during the night, to limit the amount of time spent blindly walking back to your bed.

7. You can buy things in the city.

Students are moving to Chicago, not Alaska.  This makes it easy to buy small things in the city if you forget something or do not want to pack it.

 8. Have an organization system in place.

 Come to campus with an organizational system already thought out.  This will lead to less stress   as the quarter beginnings to speed up.

9. Be patient.

There is a lot happening during move-in day, so having a little patience with the move-in staff and RAs will help to make the process smoother.

 10. Have fun.

 Students are moving into college, this should be a fun and exciting time.  Don’t think   that everything has to go perfect, just take things slowly and it will all work out.

– Julia Metallo