Maintaining Balance at DePaul

When first arriving to college, it can be a challenge to balance your physical and mental well-being while living on your own for the first time. Luckily, DePaul has a lot of great resources for students. One of my favorites is the Ray Meyer Fitness Center, our on-campus gym and recreation center. During the winter, the facility is open until 11:30pm during the week and 10pm on weekends, ensuring exercise is accessible regardless of your schedule. With multiple levels of equipment, an indoor track (with a view of the skyline), and space for basketball, volleyball, racquetball, and swimming, the Ray has it all. There are even a variety of daily free classes included with your membership, including yoga, zumba, HIIT, pilates, and cycling to name a few. If these aren’t enough, at an additional cost you can sign up for specialty classes, outdoor trips (rock climbing, snowboarding), personal training, or even a massage. As a student you are also able to rent equipment from the Ray, including sports and outdoor equipment. Last fall my roommate and I rented a tent from the Ray that we used to camp at a music festival, and the entire process was affordable and easy.  

 In addition to your physical health, it is just as important to take care of your mental health to   avoid becoming overwhelmed or feeling burned out. At DePaul, University Counseling Services   provides individual short-term counseling, group counseling, and wellness workshops to all full-   and part-time students. One of the best features of these services is that sessions cost only $5 to   students, making them much more accessible than external counseling services. UCS is also able   to provide referrals to professionals who can continue to provide support to students after they   have either completed UCS counseling or graduated from DePaul. 

 By taking the time to ensure you are caring for your mental and physical well-being, you will be   able to focus on what is important during your time at DePaul. Do not hesitate to take advantage   of the many resources DePaul has to further your personal growth and success during your academic career. 

– Aggie Kallinicou