Living on DePaul’s Campus

This week I am going to be talking about living on campus and the dining options available.  I work in the Housing Services office at DePaul, so these topics are my specialty.  

On the Lincoln Park campus there are six freshman dorm buildings.  Some of these dorms are suite style, meaning there is a bathroom shared between six people at most.  In other dorms there are communal bathrooms, but I have heard these dorms are more social because everyone gets to know everyone on their floor quite quickly.  I lived in Clifton-Fullerton during my freshman year, and it was suite style. I loved living in Clifton, but I spent a lot of time with my friends in their dorms as well.  One of the most popular dorms on campus is University Hall, which is known for its location right next to the quad and for being quite social. There is also a downtown living option, which is the University Center right next to the Loop campus.  People I know who have lived there said they enjoyed it a lot because they were blocks away from great restaurants, Millennium Park, the Art Institute, and more. I would recommend living downtown to people who have mostly Loop classes or work downtown. 

The dining options at DePaul have changed since I was a freshman, but I still have a decent understanding of how they work.  There is a buffet dining option in the Lincoln Park campus on the second floor of the student center. Students are given a certain number of swipes they are allowed to use throughout the quarter, and much swipe in order to enter the buffet dining area.  In addition to the buffet, there are multiple restaurants such as a diner and a chicken booth. These areas are where students use their flex dollars. Students are also able to use their flex dollars at a mini convenience style store in the student center or at cafes such as Brownstones or The Bean which are scattered around campus.  I have heard students go through their flex dollars quite quickly, so I recommend getting a fair amount of those! There are multiple options for food, and DePaul does their best at accommadating for those with dietary restrictions such as vegans or those with celiac.  

I hope this answers some of the questions people may have had about living on campus and the dining options DePaul has!  I’ll talk to you all again next week! 🙂  

– Sydney Snell