Keys N Krates at Prysm

 Living in Chicago comes with many perks, but one of my favorites is the availability of   shows in almost every genre of music on any given weekend. On average I usually go to   three or four shows per month, and most of my favorite memories in Chicago have been   seeing my favorite artists with my closest friends. This past weekend a couple friends   and I saw Keys N Krates at Prysm nightclub. They are an electronic trio from Canada   known for producing unique bass-heavy beats. Currently they’re on a US club tour to   promote their most recent album, A Beat Tape for Your Friends, a primarily instrumental   album featuring groovy and upbeat tracks.

Every Thursday Prysm hosts an artist like Keys N Krates as a part of their weekly event schedule. Tickets are usually between $10-15, which is completely doable for broke college students like me and my friends. Most shows at bigger venues are pricier and more crowded, which is one of the reasons I like the smaller nightclub shows at venues like Prysm, Sound Bar, and Spybar. Attending these shows is a great way to save some money while still being able to go out and see cutting edge artists. Although the level of production is often much more basic than the production at larger venues, there is a greater sense of intimacy and connection with whom you are seeing. Instead of craning your neck to get a glimpse of a DJ far away on an elevated stage, you’re close enough to have a great view. If you are looking to save some money while still seeing a great artist and being able to dance all night with your friends, checking out one of these club’s schedule of events is a great way to do so.

– Aggie Kallinicou