Involvement in DePaul’s Film Community

As most people who aspire to become filmmakers and work in the entertainment industry within the production side know networking is one of the most important aspects of continuously getting jobs to make ends meet. One of the best opportunities to network early is to work on student short films where the basics of a production can be learned and developed. In college, short films are constantly being planned and there is always a need for extra help on sets. Other than student sets, the clubs and organizations DePaul offers for film students give those extra bust in networking, making friends, and having easier access to getting on sets.

 One of the best organizations to join and to meet new people is Delta Kappa Alpha. I   joined my first quarter of my freshman year and have loved it ever since! Since joining,   I have taken on several committee head roles, with that being Retreat Chair, Pledge   Education Chair, Interchapter Chair, Cinema Literacy Chair, and recently have taken on   the Executive Counsel Position of Chapter Treasurer. With all these positions, I have   not only learned how to develop a work ethic to schedule events for a large group of   people, but have made life long friends. This Chapter is a phenomenal opportunity for those that want to develop their knowledge in the film industry. We hold professional networking events with alumni, current professionals working in the industry, and DePaul staff. We also hold events with other organizations at DePaul as well as hold weekly screenwriting workshops, reel critiques, cinema education events, and professional workshops. Not only are we an organization that values cinema but an organization that values professionalism and how one carries themselves in the workplace. Joining the organization is a phenomenal opportunity for those who want an indepth look into the film industry and the best part is, you don’t have to be a film major to join! 


– Nicole Wood