Internship Experience

Going into college, I didn’t know much about my career field. I knew that public relations and marketing both sounded interesting and included a lot of my skills and interests, but hadn’t seen it firsthand. I also am definitely a hands-on learner, so working immersed in the field seemed perfect. With that in mind, I wanted to get a head start on internships to make sure I actually wanted to pursue this career. 

I worked through applications, resume drafts, and interviews for months until I finally decided on interning through DePaul’s Entrepreneurship Center. I was accepted into their program and the center was able to connect me to a small business that matched my goals. In June, I was officially selected as the Marketing Intern for Cocktail Claw, a DePaul Alum-founded company rising up in the event and entertainment industry. 

I worked mostly remote this summer, although based in Chicago, so I could enjoy the city and continue my other job in the Loop part-time. I have been working hard of course, and it has certainly paid off! Working with Cocktail Claw completely immersed me in Marketing and boosted my confidence in my work as well as my adaptability! 

I certainly struggle with imposter syndrome – I feel like I don’t always belong in a position as much as my coworkers – but working as the sole intern proved to me that I am capable of creating great things when pushed out of my comfort zone. This is something many interns face at first, but when they get into their projects, they find their strength and stability in the workplace. That’s something I learned firsthand – outside of the classroom! 

Another shocking lesson I faced was that employers learn just as much from you during your internship. Students have fresh perspectives, ideas, and hold a significantly stronger grasp on effectively using social media as a tool. They want to learn and value your presence and efforts! 

I definitely recommend trying out an internship – even part-time like I did – during your time in college! I started this going into Junior year, but everyone’s paths are different, so whenever works best with your life and plans. It is truly so empowering and shows you a glimpse into your potential future post-grad!


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