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Indian Restaurants Near Me 📍

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As an Indian coming to the US for college for the first time, I was very concerned about the change in diet I would experience. Thankfully, there are multiple Indian restaurants near DePaul campuses, which helped me feel a tad closer to home!

Two images of Indian food with the captions “Food at Moti” and “Food at Ghareeb Nawaz” respectively

1. Moti Restaurant (near Lincoln Park Campus):

This restaurant is only a 14-minute walk from Lincoln Park Campus and is a must-try! My friends and I ordered Biryani and Masala Fries. The Biryani was flavorful, and the fries were crispy with a playful dash of spice, making them my personal favourite. When the co-owner figured we were DePaul students, he even let us try a glass of creamy and delicious Mango Lassi, a new addition to their unique Indian-Mexican menu. The ambience of this place is very trendy and transports you straight to a café in Mumbai!

Image of a restaurant named “Moti”

2. Ghareeb Nawaz (near Lincoln Park Campus):

Located just 12 minutes from Lincoln Park, Ghareeb Nawaz is the closest place where you can find Indian food. My eyes were fixated on the Butter Paneer on the menu, and I ordered it with two Chapatis. My friend went for the Veg Biryani. In her opinion, this was the best veg biryani she has had in Chicago so far! The paneer was incredibly soft and melted in my mouth. I assumed the chapatis would be smaller in diameter, but that wasn’t the case! I could comfortably pack the food and have it for my next meal. I was overwhelmed by the quantity this place offers, and it is worth the price.

Image of a restaurant named “Ghareeb Nawaz”

3. Maharaj Chicago (near Loop Campus):

This restaurant has been on my radar for a while now. Although I haven’t tried it yet, I plan on doing so very soon! Located in the Loop Student Center, this place allows customers to get 15% off on the final bill if they show their DePaul Student ID! The menu is vibrant and diverse, and I’m sure everyone can find something inviting.

Image of a restaurant named “Maharaj Indian Grill”

With so many good options incredibly close to me, it’s safe to say that it has helped me lessen my homesickness. I hope you enjoy my recommendations!