Setting Boundaries

When we’re sitting inside all day at our computers, it’s easy for our roommates, families,  and friends to forget our schedules, and forget that we are working. It can get annoying fast when you have people knocking on the door every time you’re in a zoom call, but  there are ways to eliminate some of this stress by creating healthy boundaries! Here are  some tips and tricks for setting boundaries during the pandemic: 

  • Establish boundaries for yourself first! Ask yourself- When is it ok to see others? When do I need to focus on myself and my commitments? Am I experiencing burn out? Am I more tired than usual? Is there anything or anyone  that I am neglecting? What do I need to focus more on? How can I check in with  myself and hold myself accountable when establishing and maintaining my  boundaries? What reward can I give myself for maintaining my boundaries?
  • Use Microsoft Excel- Create a schedule for your weekly commitments (ie: classes, work shifts, work out time, relaxation time, etc. and make a few copies of your schedule for yourself, your family, roommate, etc. so they know when you  are busy and when you are free. 
  • Get a white board- Put it up on your door, write down weekly or daily commitments, like the times you will be at work and school, chores you need to get done, assignments that need to get done, etc. This will help you organize your schedule and it will help others to see when you are available and when you  are not.