How to Get Good Grades in College

One of the biggest worries for upcoming college students is performing well academically. That was the case for me. Throughout high school, I always strived to do the best that I could in the classroom, and I really wanted to carry that over in my college career. However, it was so daunting because all I heard about was 20+ pages research papers, group projects, and professors that didn’t care about their students. While it’s likely that you will write some long papers, there are things that you can do for yourself to be successful.  

The first thing to master is organization. At the beginning of every quarter I create a color-coded spreadsheet of every assignment for every class, organized by due date. This is helpful for several reasons. Firstly, it makes sure that assignments don’t slip through the cracks. Secondly, I open the document everyday. I am able to structure my day and manage my time in a way that I can focus on getting my work done. Having a visual checklist is also extremely motivating to get started on your work. The satisfaction of checking off the assignment is beyond awarding. I used to be a procrastinator, but now I am often starting my assignments early and getting them turned in ahead of time because it has become a fun game.  

Finding what kind of environment I work best in was crucial for ensuring my study sessions were actually productive. I used to think I would get too distracted if I did homework at a coffee shop or café. Turns out it is where my best work comes from. I rarely do my homework at home. Being out in a public space is motivating for me to finish my work because, who really wants to sit in the library for 8 hours a day? Switching up my environment while still making sure I have noise-canceling headphones on keeps me focused.  

Having a good attitude towards your education will motivate you a lot more than you think. If you show up to class with a smile on your face, your professor is more likely to notice. This means that you will build a closer relationship with the professor, causing you to pay closer attention in class or make it easier for you to ask questions later.  

College is all about finding what works best for you while putting your best foot forward. Do things that helps yourself out, and you will see success in no time!


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