How to Decide Your College Major

Making the decision on your college major can be an overwhelming decision as the abundant possibilities and importance of the choice will create uncertainty. Though the thought of going down a path that ultimately decides your life path may be utterly and comprehensively perplexing, especially without a clear interest in mind, there are resources, tools, and methods you can use to narrow down your options. Various factors including cost, future occupation, difficulty, interest, university, location, and so much more can come into play for a soon-to-be college student or undecided student in college which creates complications when trying to choose just 1 or 2 options.

 Understanding the factors that are most important to you and your future and utilizing possible online quizzes, counselors, and contacting other adults for guidance may be beneficial to finding your calling. From interests based on your history to estimated salary, there are tons of options to consider, however, the choice is different for everyone indicating it takes personal preference and research to determine the correct option. If you have an interest in a specific field such as film, art, business, biology, health, or other areas, it may be already narrowed down, and taking the leap can diverge to other factors.

Exploring videos, blogs, and data while speaking to professionals about concerns regarding possible ideas for majors is a great starting point. There are unlimited majors to look into at schools across the nation which can include business, nursing, psychology, computer science, law, medicine, chemistry, political science, and so much more.

Overall, consider your interests and passions while getting guidance from peers and professionals, such as counselors or advisors, can create a smoother experience in the search for your perfect major. In addition, there is always an option for double majors, minors, declaring as undecided, utilizing a gap year, or switching majors later on. Finding your major may seem like a complex and unfathomable task, however, taking the decision into small pieces and narrowing your ideas will be beneficial.


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