How I Picked My BFA Concentration

I am currently a senior studying Film/TV production with a concentration in Creative Producing. If you’re interested in being a BFA major, you get to choose a concentration for your studies! I initially came into DePaul as a BA, with no concentration. At the end of my freshman year, I switched to a screenwriting BFA. I stayed in this concentration for a full year, until the end of sophomore year. I decided that my career goals had shifted. This is how I came to the conclusion of choosing my concentration:

1. The reason I chose DePaul is because of its affiliation with CineSpace Studios. As a screenwriting major, there was only one course for me to take at Cinespace, Production 1. Switching to Creative Producing gave me another opportunity to take a class at Cinespace: Cinematography. I felt that this class would teach me very necessary skills.

2. I’ve always known that I want to go to grad school and get a master’s degree. I plan on getting a degree in Marketing because I currently work in Social Media Marketing. The Creative Producing program has many business related course requirements. This includes Contracts and Negotiations, Scheduling and Budgeting, and more! I thought that these classes better aligned with my future career goals.

3. Though I think I have strong writing skills, I felt that the creative producing program better fit my strengths. I am very organized and a good team player. Screenwriting can be a very solo process, where as production is a more collaborative field.

4. My career goal is to work in film marketing. Creative producing is better suited to this goal because it is setting me up with the skills I need to continue with higher education in another field.

~ Marina

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