Holidays at DePaul during a Pandemic

Despite the ongoing pandemic and events being moved to remote instead of in-person gatherings, DePaul did not disappoint when it came to the holidays. Throughout the holiday season and the increase of cases not only in Chicago but all over the world, DePaul kept their traditions while remaining safe. I think my favorite thing about the holidays is gathering with friends and family and watching annual tree lightings. Going to tree lightings is both entertaining and can bring joy to many. It brings us all together to enjoy the small things in life. Unfortunately with the pandemic, many weren’t able to spend time with their friends. DePaul made sure every student and family member was included in their holiday celebrations. They sent emails, holiday wishes, and organized numerous virtual holiday events for many to enjoy. My favorite part about this past holiday at DePaul was seeing the Christmas tree in the quad. Even though we weren’t able to celebrate the tree lighting together it was so nice to see the tree light up the quad and bring some joy to the ongoing pandemic, and I look forward to seeing it eventually in the future!

– Fiona