Entrepreneur Club’s End of Fall Quarter Event

This year I joined DePaul’s Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization club. Which is an entrepreneurship club!  Every week we meet up and discuss business problems, brainstorm ideas, and practice pitching our ideas. It is super fun and is a great way to practice thinking on your feet and coming up with solutions. The club is open to anyone, so you don’t only meet other business students, but all types of majors. Going to club meetings has got to be one of my favorite parts of the week. 

This fall our end of quarter event was an across campus collaboration. Michigan State University students in the Marketing Association group, came down to DePaul, Lincoln Park campus, where we got a keynote presentation from guest speaker D. Joel Whalen. He discussed effective networking skills. The event consisted of listening to a presentation, practicing our networking skills and meeting other students. Getting the opportunity to meet other students who like business from another school was a great experience. I also enjoyed practicing my networking skills. This event was super fun and was a great way to end the quarter.

Sienna DePaul student on left wearing a red striped sweater smiling. Top left a piece of paper with the words “DePaul x MSU Presentation” and a plate of fruit. A picture of a full room with lots of students listening to speakers at the Lincoln Park Campus.

Joining a club focused on your major is a great way to get involved at DePaul. My favorite part is meeting other people with similar passions to mine. Getting to come together once a week to bounce ideas is great. With little commitment expected, there is no pressure, so if you need to skip a meeting it’s okay and you’re always welcomed back. Joining a club can be intimidating at first, if you are on the shy side, but I’m glad I did. I wouldn’t have met as many new people and learned so much.

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Sienna and other students at a DePaul CEO meeting grabbing pizza before the start of the meeting.