Fun in the Frost on a Budget: Winter in Chicago

We are back into the groove with the Winter Quarter finally here! As everyone knows, Chicago and the Midwest are typically frigid in the winter months- excessive amounts of snow, wind, and cold take over the weather. I personally have never been a fan of the cold, but I still find ways to have fun and enjoy winter through the many activities that DePaul University and the lovely city of Chicago have to offer. 

For those days where the temperature is just too low to handle, I frequently head down to the Art Institute! DePaul students are provided free access when they bring their student ID, so it is nice to go whenever. I like to take in the art, explore exhibits with friends, and just enjoy the beauty of the Institute. The Art Institute is pretty large and often has featured exhibits, so there is always something new to see, which keeps me interested every time I go. 

I love being outdoors and getting fresh air, so when the cold temporarily subsides then it is time to go ice skating! I went for the first time at the Maggie Daley Park Ice Skating Ribbon. Skates are available to rent at the rink, but if you bring your own, select times are free to skate! This is a great option for dates, friends trips after class, or even on your own. I am excited to try again in the coming weeks- it may be cold, but all the movement from skating warms you right back up! A steamy cup of hot cocoa afterwards is the perfect finale. 


Even though I am not the biggest fan of cold, Chicago has a ton of fun activities and ways to explore that make winter a wonderful season. Whether it’s inside or outside, there is something for everyone- even on a college student budget. 

~ Breanne

Join in on the winter fun!