Friday Favorites – Therese

During my first quarter at DePaul, my very first class was my Discover Chicago class. Like all the other freshman, I was very anxious going into my first class, but soon enough I felt very welcomed and supported by the classmates and professor I had from that class. The title of the class was Nonviolent Chicago, and in this class,  we were able to study the ways many people and organizations were trying to change Chicago’s violent scenes. During Discover week, my class and I were able to visit many sites in the   South and West sides of the city. Through this, I was able   to get a whole grasp and understanding of what Chicago is   truly like. I was able to sympathize towards those who experience the violence   in the city, and it inspired me to help those in need. Before this course, my   perspective on Chicago consisted of a narrow view. I used to think of only the   skyscrapers and tourist spots in the city, but thanks to this class, I was able to see there was so much more to the city than that.

The friends I made in this class were also one of the main reasons why it was my favorite course. There was a strong aspect of collaboration in the class; with many group projects and discussions. Many of the friends I made during my first day of school, are still my close friends till this day. I truly wouldn’t have met them if it were not for my discover Chicago class. My professor and student mentor in this class were also an important aspect of why I enjoyed the class. They truly showed passion and interest in helping me through my first quarter in college. I know if I needed any guidance at DePaul, I can reach out to them for help. Overall, Nonviolent Chicago has been my favorite course at DePaul due to the people I met through it, the organizations I was able to be a part of and meet, and most of all because of how it widened my perspective of the city I was going to be living in. 

– Therese Reyes