Friday Favorites – My Favorite Electives

Here at DePaul, there are a variety of different classes that you can take. To fulfill the liberal studies requirements, you have to take a combination of literature, philosophy, science and history classes. Originally, I wasn’t too thrilled about taking classes that were outside of my major, but these classes ended up being some of my favorites. I loved having the opportunity to get outside of my comfort zone and learning something new. If you have any free elective spaces, here are the 3 best classes I’ve taken at DePaul.


Introduction to Biological Anthropology (ANT 104) – Dr. Marco Aiello

This is the best class I’ve ever taken at DePaul. I signed up for it to fulfill a Scientific Inquiry credit, but it ended up being one of my favorite classes. The course is about human and ape evolution and how things have changed over the past centuries. We studied ape anatomy and took trips to the Lincoln Park Zoo. The professor is really funny and passionate about the content. I can’t recommend this class enough, if you have room you should absolutely take it!

Introduction to European Art (HAA 104) – Dr. Catherine Zurybida

I took this class to fulfill an Arts and Literature requirement but it was such a fun experience. We learned about art in different cultures including Egyptian, Greek, Roman. The class went in chronological order and we ended with a unit on Modern Art. For our final projects we went to the Art Institute of Chicago to pick out a piece to write about. I gained a new appreciation for art and a new love for the Art Institute.  

Social Psychology (PSY 347) – Dr. Ralph Erber

I have a bias towards psychology because it is my major, but I recommend this class to anyone who is interested in the topic. Dr. Erber does a wonderful job explaining the concepts and giving good examples. This class covers topics that are popular in psychology including how our thoughts and feelings are influenced by our environment. It’s a great class for beginners and it’s one of my favorite psychology classes I’ve taken!

– Haedy Gorostieta